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External hard drive full, unable to delete B2D files.


My client has 5 HDD for his Windows Server 2003 backup. He connects and disconnects one every day of the week. The 5 disks are full and I have error messages for the backups.

1) How can I do to automatically make BackupExec 11d delete the old backup files ?

The config is this :

veritas - backup exec 11d (b).png

2) Also how can I do it manually ? When I right click on the B2D files in the software, the delete option is grayed out :

veritas - backup exec 11d.png


Thank you.


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Re: External hard drive full, unable to delete B2D files.

You can associate the media with Scratch media set. This will make the media overwritable.

For B2D best practices refer to

To avoid similar issue in future try below steps...

In BE console, click on Tools -> Options -> Media Management -> Set the overwrite protection level as "Partial"

Also select the option of "Use recycle media before using scratch media"

Note: BE11d is a very old version and it is no more supported by Veritas.


Re: External hard drive full, unable to delete B2D files.

Firstly your screenshot does not show disk it shows tapes - and tapes are overwritten as long as they are NOT overwrite protected. As such moving to scratch will let you overwrite them but you probably need to look at your media set protection timings as well so that this does not continue to be an issue.

If you do need to actually delete to delete media from the 11D console you have to retire it first and then delete it from the retired set. The delete option is not avilable unless it has been retired first

However 11D did not link the deletion action in the console with deleting the content tapes or disks so

- if you deleted a tape from the console in this way you would have to inventory it and then allow it to be overwrittento re-use the tape - so for tape AmolBs comment about move to scratch is much easier.

- if you deleted disk based backup media  (BKF and IMG) from the console in this way then have to go to the disk itself (using Windows Explorer) and delete the matching BKF files or IMG folders from there as well (be careful to only get the ones that match what you deleted from the console. Again you could elect to move to scratch as an option, as in 11d disk was handled like tape, however this might not be that sucessfull if your disk is 100%  full.


Thank you for the answers.

Thank you for the answers. Sorry it is a old version. We plan to buy another server and also a new version of the backup software, in the next months.

But for now, I had :

veritas - backup exec 11d (c).png

Now I have :

veritas - backup exec 11d (d) after.png

Is it good ?

Colin, before we had tapes, but now we use external USB HDD. It's the reason you see old tapes records in the screenshot. What you said is valid for external usb drives ? I need to unplug them to delete files in Backup Exec ?

What do I need to move from scratch ? If I want to remove all files and have a nice backup ? I cannot delete tapes records (lines) in the software.

It is not me that installed the software and made the backup. It was another IT company. I find it is complicated to restore files. We need multiple external drives to restore files it seems ? What will append if we lose an external drive ?

Another question : How much is Backup Exec 2015 (For Windows Server) ?

Thank you.