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Extreme Speed Issue using B2D from a CIFS share on an EMC Celerra NAS. - Back Exec 10d



B2D jobs from the NAS are running at less than 150MB/min while every other job from other sources are running 1100MB/min +. Is there anything I should be configuring a different way to help increase the speed of the backup jobs?


Pertinate Information:

All B2D jobs store their data on the same NAS share that is having the speed issue serving data.

Using a different B2D host to store the virtual tapes has the same speed issues when the data comes from the CIFS shares.

A backup job from a Windows server in a building over a 100Mbps WAN link several miles away is able to run at 300% of the speed the NAS job is running at on the local 1Gbps network.



Thanks for your help...