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Extremely dissappointed with 2012 and SDR/Convert to VM

After using Backup Exec for many years and many versions, I was delighted to see features such as SDR restores and Convert to Virtualization added as they provided powerful tools for us to use as an alternative standard disaster recovery/backup options.

Thus far my experience with both features have resulted in failure. My first experience was with SDR, which no matter what I tried never worked. Tried several servers and all of which DID NOT perform as desribed and Symantec support did not seem to have a clue as to how to either troubleshoot the issue not to mention resolve it. After attempting SDR restores on three completely different servers all of which failed, SDR is no longer an option for us as it does not seem to work nor does support know.

Next I moved onto converting a backup to virtual (Hyper-V). Using backups that were listed as successful SDR (I say SDR because this means every required file was backed up/nothing skipped or failed. Once again nothing I do whether it be a local convert or remote, multiple server destinations and multiple backup conversions, none of which work.

This brings me to my point, do these features ACTUALLY WORK? Since I have tried multiple times from multiple sources, I am starting to believe that these features do not actually function as advertised and am curious if ANYONE has gotten an SDR restore to work or a physical to virtual conversion?

We were planning on using this as an alternate disaster recovery option but as it stands these cannot be relied on whatsoever.