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Failed Exchange 2007 Backups on Backup Exec 12.0 SP3

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Hi all,

I've been beating my head against the wall on this for a while now and am pretty close to just picking up the phone and calling. I've had nothing but problems trying to get a new Exchange 2007 SP1 mailbox server to back up properly using Backup Exec 12.0 SP3 (with all available rollups through LiveUpdate). Backing up without GRT enabled works fine, but enabling GRT results in "Access denied" errors, regardless if the destination is tape or disk.

The server itself has the MAPI CDO package installed on it. The account being used for backup credentials is a full Exchange Organization Administrator account with local admin rights on the server itself and is a member of the domain administrators and schema administrators groups (same account used to install Exchange). It has all Windows and Exchange patches to date, including a patch used to correct a problem where IPv6 would cause comminucation issues.

I've scoured the forums and the support database, but I'm still left with the following error in the job history:

Error category    : Security Errors
Error : e0008488 - Access is denied.

For additional information regarding this error refer to link V-79-57344-33928

As well as the following in the Job Log:

Backup Set Detail Information
The consistency check of the snapshot for the Microsoft Exchange transaction log Logs was successful.
Log Files
The consistency check of the snapshot for the Microsoft Exchange database Mailbox Database was successful.
V-79-57344-33928 - Access Denied. Cannot backup directory Mailbox Database and its subdirectories.

None of the available information or fixes seem to have worked for me to date, even a repair and uninstalling/pushing a new agent didn't work. It still shows that it backed up some data, but when I look in the Restore options, the backup itself is not available to restore from.

Any thoughts or additional tips before I just give in and call?



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Hi Mike,

Have you tried to create a new service account with the same permissions, and then attempt to run the job again?

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Generally, the Exchange DB is backed up fine, the job fails in the end when it trying to open the database to read mailboxes and create a restore view (catalogs)

Make sure the account you are using is a unique account with active mailbox which is not hidden in the GAL.

Generally the above error will appear if the account does not have a mailbox or it is hidden or not unique.

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The account being used is unique and has a mailbox available in Exchange 2007. It's the same account which was used to install Exchange 2007 and has full Org. Administrator permissions, is a domain admin, and has an unhidden mailbox in the Exchange 2007 org.

All the other prereq's in the document linked have been met.

Running a backup-to-disk results in a different error:

Backup- \\\Microsoft Information Store\First Storage Group
Unable to complete the operation for the selected resource using the specified options.  The followi...

I'm doing a copy backup instead of full or incremental/differential. Reason is that I am running SnapManager for Exchange on the server (using NetApp through iSCSI for storage) and it takes hourly snapshots, then at the end of the day it runs a verify job which backs up and clears the logs, so I only want the backup job to make a copy of everything for me.

Also, the Exchange server is virtualized in VMware, not sure if that is going to matter at all.

Any further thoughts?

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Here's the part of the debug log pertinent to the error:

BEREMOTE: [11/02/09 12:37:47] [5484]     Executing SOFT Recovery.
BEREMOTE: [11/02/09 12:37:48] [5484]     PARAM:  TempPath=\\bkp\d$\databackup\IMG000009\vdb_2009_11_02_1229_53\tmp.edb
BEREMOTE: [11/02/09 12:37:48] [5484]     PARAM:  LogFilePath=\\bkp\d$\databackup\IMG000009\vdb_2009_11_02_1229_53\
BEREMOTE: [11/02/09 12:37:48] [5484]     PARAM:  SystemPath=\\bkp\d$\databackup\IMG000009\vdb_2009_11_02_1229_53\
BEREMOTE: [11/02/09 12:37:48] [5484]     PARAM:  altDbRecoveryPath=\\bkp\d$\databackup\IMG000009\vdb_2009_11_02_1229_53\
BEREMOTE: [11/02/09 12:37:48] [5484]     PARAM:  BaseName=E00
BEREMOTE: [11/02/09 12:37:48] [5484]     PARAM:  0x24=2(0x2)
BEREMOTE: [11/02/09 12:37:48] [5484]     PARAM:  paramRecovery=0, on
BEREMOTE: [11/02/09 12:37:48] [5484]     STARTING RESTORE MAP:

     SOURCE PATH:  \\bkp\d$\databackup\IMG000009

     TARGET PATH:  \\bkp\d$\databackup\IMG000009\vdb_2009_11_02_1229_53
BEREMOTE: [11/02/09 12:37:48] [5484]     RSTMAP[0] -  >>>> \\bkp\d$\databackup\IMG000009\vdb_2009_11_02_1229_53\Mailbox Database.edb
BEREMOTE: [11/02/09 12:37:48] [5484]     Recovery FAILED - ERROR::RC = -528 - -528 The current log file is missing.
BEREMOTE: [11/02/09 12:37:48] [5484]     Using EDB Provider for Browse/Backup.
BEREMOTE: [11/02/09 12:37:48] [5484]     Logon: m_lpMAPISession->Logon returned 80004005
BEREMOTE: [11/02/09 12:37:48] [5484]      OPEN DATABASE FAILED: -528 The current log file is missing.

Level 3
I was having the same error:
Backup- \\servername\Microsoft Information Store\Second Storage Group V-79-57344-759 - Unable to complete the operation for the selected resource using the specified options.  The following error was returned when opening the Exchange Database file:  '-528 The current log file is missing. '

At first I has a random success rate of +/- 50%, and then it started to get worse, until at some point the backups always failed with the above error.
After restarting the Backup Exec Remote Agent on the Exchange server, the error went away.
I've now created a scheduled task to restart the Backup Exec Remote Agent every day.
My jobs are running successful, for a few days now.