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Failure adding Exchange 2010 DAG to Backup Exec

We are running Backup Exec 15 on Windows Server 2012 R2. I have setup backups for Active Directory, SharePoint, SQL, VMware virtual machines, and our FIleserver. When attempting to add our Exchange DAG to Backup Exec, the process fails trying to add the DAG to the server list. The agents install fine and everything looks like it is working. 


When I click Finish after the agents are installed, it displays Inserting server... and then fails with the below error:


The server was unable to complete the requested operation.

A communication failure occurred when attempting to connect to this server. Some common causes for this error are: the computer name is typed incorrectly, the computer is not powered on, a Backup Exec agent is not installed, or the network is improperly configured.


I have tried rebooting the Exchange servers and the Backup Exec server, reinstalling the agents, and removing and installing the agents fresh.


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Highlighted you have a firewall you have a firewall running on the Exchange server? If so, open port 10000 which is the RAWS agent port to allow communication between the media server and remote server.



Have you tried adding the

Have you tried adding the virtual address of the DAG as a server?