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Failure backing up to NAS

Am running Backup Exec 2012 (SP4 + hotfix 217347) small business edition on Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard.

When attempting a full SDR backup to a 3TB HDD on a LS220D480 NAS it is getting to about 16.2GB and apparently whilst still working on the exchange information store mailbox database.  It then just starts creating two 2KB files every minute whilst the backup rate dwindles down to nothing and just seems to hang there until I cancel the backup.  However:

a) if I run the same backup to tape or to a 1TB USB HDD (as opposed to the NAS HDD) it completes succesfuly,

b) If I run the same backup but exclude the Microsoft Information Store to the same NAS HDD it completes succesfully,

c) If I run the same backup to the same NAS HDD, including the Microsoft Information Store but without enabling the GRT option it still fails.

I've tried reformatting the NAS HDD but am struggling to make any sense of this.  Have seen lots of chatter about 2KB files being created and possible connections to GRT ... but not found any answers for this case .... can't fathom why ok to tape and another drive but not ok to the NAS (until I exclude the information store from the backup).



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What error does the backup

What error does the backup fail with ?

Also, do backup the Information Store in a separate backup job with AOFO disabled.

Lastly, you may be facing this issue -

If possible, evaluate BE 2014 or BE 15 on a test machine and check if GRT enabled backup of Exchange to the NAS completes successfully or not.

Check that you have

Check that you have sufficient space on the NAS to hold your Information Store along with your other backup data. It is always a good idea to separate your file backup from your database backups, like Exchange and SQL databases. The former needs a job with AOF on and the latter needs a job with AOF off. For SDR, it is your file backup that matters

Does B2DTest pass against the

Does B2DTest pass against the NAS?

Hi VJ It doesn't fail, it


It doesn't fail, it keeps running until I cancel it.

Have now tried backing up just the information store (with GRT on, with GRT off and with no AOFO) and it still exhibits the same problem.

Doesn't seem to correspond to the linked article .... 



Thanks Colin Everything

Thanks Colin

Everything passes but 2 warnings:

Reparse Points not supported

Sparse files not supported

Do you think this could be the issue?  Is exhibiting same problem if I just try backing up information store with GRT on or off.


pkh Plenty of space on the


Plenty of space on the drive (clean format)

thanks for the guidance on splitting out the backups.


It could be a sector size

It could be a sector size issue - check that the USB disk, the NAS volume and the volume that owns the Exchange EDB files on the Exchange server