Failure to backup sshd files

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I am using Backup Exec 11d v7170 Quickstart Edition on a Windows 2003 server. During a recent backup, I noticed that the sshd files in my misc folder were not backed up. The backup succeeded after I renamed the files to "ssdh". I disabled active file exclusion by amending the registry but it didn't help. How should I backup these files without renaming them? I did notice there was a hotfix for a similar issue but for Backup Exec 12.5.


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...is Advanced Open File

...is Advanced Open File Option turned on?



Just checked. For BE v 11d,

Just checked. For BE v 11d, this KB applies - http://www.symantec.com/business/support/index?page=content&id=TECH56728

Thanks for the replies. So

Thanks for the replies. So does that mean the only option for me is to rename the files before performing a backup? I will think it is rather unintuitive so is there a reason behind this behaviour? Are there other files will be automatically excluded?

Couldn't get much

Couldn't get much inforrmation for this version, though it seems the cause is the same as the one for BE 12.x, i.e. extension less files such as SSHD are skipped since they incorrectly match built-in exclusions.