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Feature Request

Level 3
First of all, I will not claim this to be my idea at all. It is a simple concept wich I would find extremely useful and others should too. I just thought that I should post it here to get some comments on it and possibly even a note from Veritas on a predicted date of inclusion.

"Cross-linking selection lists" or "Referred backup selections" might be semi-good names for it.

The general idea is this:
- Create a selection list to take a full snapshot of your small-ish server. The job using this would also update IDR and probably also use some snapshot plugin.
- Create a selection list containing only selections relevant for differential backups relative to the full snapshot. This is to allow the differentials to run without job being flagged as failed due to master databases and such not being compatible with incremental/differential backups.

Now comes the piccle:
Tell the software that the differentials in second job with second selection set is to be done in light of the first job and selection set. This is the part that is currently missing in Backup Exec (or atleast it is eluding me).

Any other tips to set up easy to run, full system restore capable jobs with incremental/differential abilitys?

Level 6
Hello there,

You can make enhancement requests at the following site:

This is the site where are developers review customer's requests for new features or feedbacks etc.

Thank you.

Level 6
Assuming the solution provided is correct. Also, there is no response from the customer within 2 days from the last reply by Veritas

The site doesn't exist anymore.


Hi Spencer

If you have any enhancement ideas, please use the following email address for your suggestion: