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File server backup best practice

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Dear All,

I am using VERITAS backup exec version 15

Kindly advise what are the best practices to do for my file server backup.

Around 400 Gb files are present in my file storage server. every day users are working on these files and increasing the number of files and folders slowly. My Windows 2012 file Server is a VMware client and backup taking using HP autoloader 1/8 G2.

Currently I configured, Monthly a full snapshot of the file server.

Weekly a full backup and to same Tape taking incremental backup daily.

My problem is for even incremental backup is taking too much time and delaying other backup job in the Backup exec server.

Please advise what can I change in the configuration to do best practice criteria for my file server backup




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1) Best practice to Backup a Virtual Machine is use the VMware Agent so that then you have the best (easiest) choice of restore methods (and it may also have performance benefits, especially if you can setup a SAN Transpoort backup) Note: You may need additional licenses for this depending on which license edition/model you are using. Also if there is a performance benefit, the only way to confirm this (for a given environment)

- if you backup using traditional remote agents instead of virtual agents then a complete DR restore of the VM requires more understanding of the process although the individual files restore process is about the same for either method. (as long as GRT was enabled on the VM backup)

2) Best practice (for any backup) if your backups are taking too long is look at the speeds of the devices being written to

- so if using tape (as you are) look at adding more disk storage to the Backup Exec Server and backing up to disk (or deduplication) and then duplicating to tape if required - note if you switch to virtual agent backups  as well then disk based backup storage (with duplication to tape) is also a best practice for GRT restore activities