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Final error: 0xe0000f29 - Restore job does not see tape in library for restore job

Level 4

So I've moved my tapes from my management BE server to the CAS server for a restore off site. I insert the tapes .. scan / inventory. Right click and look at details of the tape and all looks good .. data is was what was backed up at other location and now show in tape library 2 (CAS tape library) all is great... Now when I go run the restore it fails with:

Completed status: Failed
Final error: 0xe0000f29 - This Backup Exec server cannot access the device selected in the settings for the job.  Refer to the job log for details

The media required by this job is located on device 'Robotic library 5'. Select device 'Robotic libr...
Well I am doing this... this is the CAS tape library name and it even shows me in the details the tape is located in Library 2.  I'm stumped. I've rebooted / stop/start a;; services each location .. made sure I can get to each BE server from each other. Is it my catalogs? can I restart them from scratch? Im just not sure what is causing this to happen. 


So just to understand fully - you have physically moved the tape library to the site where the CAS is and attached it to the CAS, and in the BE Gui it now shows up under the CAS server and not the MBES server (in the Storage tab)?

As well as running the inventory - I would run a catalog of the tapes too and then perform the restore.

Level 4

I have CAS BU server at DR site w/ Tape Library (sees both BU servers) .. I have a Managed Backup server at my location A w/ Tape Library. I run BU jobs at location A. Then I take tapes out to CAS location. I run scan/inventory and catalog on the tapes. I choose details of the tape .. tape shows it at the CAS tape library now as it's location. I then choose restore and make sure it is pointing to CAS tape library. Then the job fails telling me "Hey, you need to choose CAS location tape library for this tape" which again .. it is in there and states it in the details of the tape.


The two screen shots below are:

tape5 - the error telling me the tape needs to be in the that library to read/restore it.
details - me doing a "details" of the tape in that library... (it shows its there and recognized) 

Level 4

I'm running BE 14 - Is there any log that I can run to great detail to post here. It just makes no sense to why it is doing this:

CAS - DR location 192.168.5.xx (Can ping .10 network and MMS server fine, same domain)

MMS server - Most backups run here - 192.168.10.xx

CAS can see and communicate with MMS server.

Take tape out of MMS .. drive to DR location .. insert tape .. scan/inventory and show details.

Details show tape in slot on tape library at CAS location. (tape libraries are both same hardware)

Run restore job and fails with - error above .. Basically saying can't read the tape becuse it is in tape library 5 please choose that library when doing restore... (which I do)

Again .. tape library 5 is the CAS tape library location were the tape resides... the job info shows it in that library (Last step) before hitting "run job" 

Just stumped on this one...