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Final error: 0xe00084c7 - A backup storage read/write error has occurred

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Please see bellow desciption of the problem and our system configuration:

We have a tape library DELL ML6000, a BackupExec 15 running on a windows server 2012.

There's a weekly full job for a Netapp with a media set of 29 tapes with "Overwrite protection set to none" and "append period set to none":




Backup exec Properties "Media overwrite protection level" is also set to none.

















After a few minutes the backup starts, at aroung 35Gb the jobs freezes. Sometimes is asks for a cleaning tape, and proceed with the cleaning job and marks an error with the tape not being appendable. Other times a read/write error comes out and the jobs stop:



I've done a test of the drive with the ITDT IBM tool and all tests passed. Could it be a problem with the drive eventought? Or could it be a settings issue? Thanks in advance!


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Since you set your Overwrite Protection Level to None, your backups are not protected and can be overwritten at any time. This being the case why bother to do any backups.

What I meant to describe is that even with tapes being configured as overwritten, the backup job stops with error saying that the tapes are not appendible. Not sure what we're doing wrong.


Do you run any other backups (other than the NetApp) to this same tape library?  I am trying to determine if this is an issue on the tape side or on the NDMP side.  The errors you mentioned implied something in the tape, but since the diagnostics pass, I am wondering if this might really be an NDMP issue, especially if other jobs work fine.

Thanks for the reply Larry.

We're using only the NetApp on this tape library. I've created a new backup from other server just to test and I have exactly the same issue. It seems something on the drive indeed. I'll remake the ITDT diagnostic again and I'll write here the results.

After submited a few set of new diagnostics, now the drive keeps asking to clean.


Dump test:











System Test (Keeps asking to clean the drive "Cleaning required". I've clean it a few minutes before):











Cleaning state:











Health test (Alo asking to clean the drive):












I believe the issue is with the drive. I'll replace it soon and I'll update this case.

Thanks everyone!



Good to see that the testing of the other server and the IBM diagnostics now come into agreement and solidly point to a tape drive issue.

An LTO4 (possibly as old as 2007) has probably earned a good cleaning, or a retirement.  I have heard that sometimes running a bunch (10?) of cleanings in a row might get the drive usable again, but I wouldn't do that as any more than a temporary crutch.

You may want to consider replacing it with an LTO5 drive in that same library (LTO5 drives can still read and write your LTO4 media, but only read your LTO3 media).  Or maybe something significantly newer, LTO6-LTO8.  It all depends upon your needs and budget.


I'll change the drive taking note of your suggestions.

Thanks Larry!

Eveything working fine again! New drive solved the issue!

Thanks once more!