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Final error: 0xe00084ec - A backup storage read/write error has occurred.

Good morning,

I recently gotten this error everytime my schedule job run on Symantec Backup Exec 2010

Final error: 0xe00084ec - A backup storage read/write error has occurred.

If the storage is tape based, this is usually caused by dirty read/write heads in the tape drive.  Clean the tape drive, and then try the job again.  If the problem persists, try a different tape.  You may also need to check for problems with cables, termination, or other hardware issues.

If the storage is disk based, check that the storage subsystem is functioning properly.  Review any system logs or vendor specific logs associated with the storage to help determine the source of the problem.  You may also want to check any vendor specific documentation for troubleshooting recommendations.
Final error category: Backup Media Errors

Tried to reinstall backup exec and repluging all cable but still fail.

Any solution or idea?

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Let me guess, you are using a

Let me guess, you are using a Dell Tape Library? with LTO5?

Have you cleaned your tape

Have you cleaned your tape drive?

If you have a manufacturer's diagnostic utility, run it to check that the drive is functioning correctly.  Make sure that you include a read/write test.

Please follow the steps

Please follow the steps below

1. Perform a disk-based backup to eliminate the tape device.
2. Clean the tape drive.
3. Run an inventory and quick erase on the tape media.
4. Insert a different tape, preferably a brand new piece of media.
5. Check the properties on the tape drive(s) in Windows Device Manager to ensure that the latest Symantec Tape Device Drivers are installed. Install the latest drivers for the tape drive if available.  For information about downloading and installing the latest Symantec drivers, please see the following link

Filter the list by applying "file types" as "drivers" then select your appropriate "product version"

Refer the checks as per the following document contact our hardware vendore so then can help you test the steps mentioned in the document

I guess this is a hardware error........

Hi ,
My self is Mrinal.
I guess this is a hardware error.

Have you checked the OS event  log for any error. I gues u'll find some thing in there.
Try using OS backup utility to test the backup device.(eg- ntbackup. Start -> run -> type ntbackup). please do stop the backup exec service before using the OS backup utility.

Please, provide the details of the OS event log.
I am providing a link where you can have a overall details of the issue u were facing:-

Please do update us.

Thanks for the reply guys.

Thanks for the reply guys. now i have patch my backup exec, i'll wait and see if the error appears again.

Hi guys. patch and updates

Hi guys. patch and updates did not work.

@Mrinal my server is 2008 therefore cant do use backup utility to backup to tape. =(

my only chance is doing a test on my external tape drive

@tomking i'm using LTO-4

@tomking i'm using LTO-4

Provide us the OS Event log.

Please, provide us the event log of the OS and attach with this foram.
Also provide us the details information of the OS.
Windows 2008 Hyper-V have some problem with ISCSI devices.

Windows Server 2008 R2 64bit

Windows Server 2008 R2 64bit OS

Anyone have a working Media

Anyone have a working Media server that runs 2008 64bits?

Yes I do......

Hi  All
Tomking, I have tested on 2008 R2 64bit.. it works fine....but I have'nt tested the tape librery.
the case over here is some hardware issue.
May be some incompatablity of the h/w eith the Iscsi communication card/interfase.
may be the tape drive is not functional correctly.
so before going for any thing , check fo the following:-
1. See the event viewer of 2008 for any errors.
2. use some other tools (avaiable in Microsoft site) to check the tape drive.
3. Call the h/w people to check the issue and diogonise, that the h/w is working fine.

kesmis, I have the same issue

kesmis, I have the same issue with a Windows 2008R2 server with a MSL6030 library with one LTO4 drive and BE2010R2.
The setup was running fine on an old Windows 2003 server with Backup Exec 9.x, and now I have installed a new server with Windows 2008R2 and connected the library to it, now the backups start and stop within a few minutes with the same hardware error. To be sure I have connected the library again to the old server, and it was running fine.
I have swapped the drive in the library with an old LTO2 drive, and the backup is running fine...... Must be something with LTO4 and WIn2008R2 and BE2010....

Any news on this?

I have a similar problem, I don't even get an error in BE admin console! Jobs just running infinite and tape don't move. Disk based backups have no problem.

Same setup: Windows 2008R2 x64 with (external) LTO-4 tape drive (Dell label, IBM hardware) and Backup Exex 2010 R2.

Have already an open case, but support has currently no clue.

Make sure the SCSI drivers

Make sure the SCSI drivers are updated too and make sure the tape drive is not using SCSI id 0 and 1 as they are reserved for the bootable devices and the Library is not connected to a RAID controller  . Also disable the removeable storage service .

Thank you for your answer,

Thank you for your answer, but no help for me. I had already talked to Dell and Symantec support. Dell even was so cooperative to change the drive with cables!

This is a dedicated "Dell SAS 5/E Adapter Controller" with up-to-date Dell drivers (see link). Because this adapter is not used for booting I do not see the need of changing the ID and I can't see where I could change it. It's probably not important for a SAS device that has a one-to-one connection, too.

Also disable the removeable storage service .

I thought there is no such a service in Windows 2008 any more. What's its exact name?

Any hardware issues are already excluded, except for software like Windows or BE. The drive works fine with Windows 2003 x86 and Linux x64, but not any more with Windows 2008 x64.

I have some interesting log data if someone whant to see them.


That's why I'm curious of any solutions here.