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Final error: 0xe00084f4 - An unknown error has occurred.

Level 2

New Windows 2016 server installation with Backup Exec version 21 LTO-8 HPE Ultrium 30750 SAS 

Window event ID 33152  [7528] 08/04/20 16:23:41 Adamm Mover Error: DeviceIo: 02:02:01:00 - Device error 6 on "\\.\Tape0", SCSI cmd 1a, 1 total errors

Job log An unknown error occurred on device "Tape drive 0001" 

Has any seen this error before as Vertias support are unable to resolve the issue.


Level 6

Are you using the HPE tape drivers for your LTO8 tape drive?  If you are, I would suggest removing and deleting the HPE tape drivers.

What HBA are you using for the tape drive?  Unless specifically stated in technote article , tape libraries or tape drives attached to a RAID controller are not supported.

I have seen the HPE tape drivers and/or RAID HBAs do some weird things and cause weird errors.

Hi Larry,

I've removed the HP driver and just using the default Microsoft driver which has not worked.

Currently installed HBA is HPE H241 HBA in a DL380Gen9 running in HBA mode 

Level 6

Can you post your adamm.log file here?

And a trace of the error happening.  Please attach the .bin file here.

Does ther error happen when running an inventory job?  or just when running a backup job?  or both?

Employee Accredited Certified

Hi Larry,

This only occurs when for backup jobs as the inventory jobs complete successfully.

See logs attached

I've already tried all fixes from that knowledge article.

Level 6

line 306 in the trace.bin shows the first error.  then the error repeats multiple times in the remainder of the log for mode_sense6 and rewind commands.

the same mode_sense6 command completed correctly at line 303.  So it seems that "something" in the environment (outside of BE) changed such that a valid command was no longer error free.

That implies to me there is a problem with the HBA or in communication to/from the HBA.

Looking at it appears that the H241 might be an older HBA and according to that page on HPE's web site, it is not supported on Windows Server 2016.  I would suggest verifying if the H241 is supported by HPE on Windows Server 2016.  Or re-test with a newer, supported HBA?

Since you are using an HPE server, an HPE tape drive and an HPE HBA, I would suspect that you have a bunch of HPE Insight software installed.  If possible, I would test out a simple server build without any of the HPE drivers and software.  Historically, there have been some weird interaction and it is possible that one of those type of issues has reappeared.

Are you using LTO8 cartridges?  or LTO7 Type M cartridges? or LTO7 cartridges?

Event Check Start End Target Operation
306 E 8/06/2020 04:12:17.639 1 00:00:01:00 [HPE Ultrium 8-SCSI HUJ014CYUU] MODE_SENSE6

Event: 306 Start: 4:12:17.639 Stop: 4:12:17.640 Duration: 0.001000
SCSI Address: 00:00:01:00 [HPE Ultrium 8-SCSI HUJ014CYUU]

HBA Status Unknown HBA status 0xFF
Sense Length 20
Data Length 12

1A 00 00 00 0C 00 ......

DBD False
Page Code Current Values(0)
Alloc Length 12
Control 0x00
00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ............