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Final error: 0xe00084f8

Level 4

We recently upgraded BE 2010 R2 to 2014 and get the following error when trying to back up one of our servers:

"Final error: 0xe00084f8 - The network connection to the Backup Exec Remote Agent has been lost. Check for network errors."

What we've done so far:

  • Set a rule in SEPM to not allow SEP to scan the file beremote.exe.
  • Spoke to Symantec BE tech support who had me run numerous pings between the BE server and the remote server which did NOT detect any network connectivity issues.
  • Uninstalled/reinstalled the BE remote agent.
  • Removed/restablished the trust relationship between the BE server and remote server.

The issue is still unresolved. Please help!


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Check the following 1) on the remote server, check that the remote agent service is running. Also check the Windows Eventlog for any remote agent service failures. 2) open the remote agent utility and make sure that it is publishing correctly to the media server 3) make sure that there is no firewall blocking port 10000 4) on the remote server, check that there are no other applications using port 10000. Check that you can telnet to and from the media server and the remote server on port 10000

Level 6

also, update firmware and check for hardware connection issues.

Run Live updates to make sure the Media Server is upto date and if any are installed then push out the remote agent.

Are you backing up to disk or to tape?

if to disk check for any fragmentation on the target location