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Finding the slow portions of the backups.

Level 5
Dear reader,

one of the backups I take weekly is the home directory of the companies users. The size of this has grown steadily and this does not surprise anyone and as any adminstrator knows deleting users data is an unpopular solution.

I need to speed up this backup and I think that this might be achived by locating folders with an unusual amount of files and packing them into one large file. Now I need some idea of how to locate the places that have a lot of files.

Ofcourse I am ready to hear any other ideas of how to speed up the backup.

Best regards,

Level 6

Run a backup job again with the folllowing settings, so that we will come to now how many files were backedup

1  : Tools-->Options-->Job Logs-->Select the LAST option....I do not remembere the last option...I remember the first option "Summery information only"....
2  : This will tell us how many folders and how many files in each folder were backed up...

3  : But, the job logs will be big in size...

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Run that backup to disk first, and then duplicate it to tape.
If you want to find out which folders are big, you can get an application on the net that checks for folder sizes. Not too sure of the name/s, but if you do a search on Google I am sure you'll come across one.
You can also look at excluding files like *.mp3, *.wav, *.avi etc. That adds to space on the tape and also time taken to backup the files.