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Forcing BUE 2010 to use local agent

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I have a BUE installation and am backing up data from an Iomega StoreCentre NAS. 

Its a cheap device and I am unable to install an agent onto this device. 

Every night when I backup, I received error;


Backup- NAS1V-79-57344-3844 - The media server was unable to connect to the Remote Agent on machine NAS1.
The media server will use the local agent to try to complete the operation.
Is there a way in which I can force BUE to go straight to the local agent for this device. 
I also backup several Windows Servers, all which have agents installed and work correctly. 
The NAS works correctly and the backup runs fine just with the warning above.

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You would just have to live with this error message because you would not be able to install an agent.  Just ignore it.

However, do note that you still need to buy a RAWS agent to back up this NAS, although you cannot install the agent on it.  This is to comply with licencing terms.

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...if that Iomega can integrate into AD, consider doing so. You'd then add the Backup Exec Service Account to the NAS with local admin rights and your problem should be solved.

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...can the person who -1'd me please PM me and let me know why. angry