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Forcing a full backup that has a schedule

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I'm writing because I've found an issue with particular backup jobs not starting. a little bit of background:

There are currently 7 active jobs running when I check the Job Monitor. the targets are a combination of depuplication disk and any tape cartridge.

I am attempting to run a full backup to a deduplication disk on a device that has a scheduled backup already configured. In short, I dont care about the schedule, I just want the backup to run now. I want this to happen because our incremented backups that are scheduled for that device are erroring out and saying that they dont have anything to increment from.

for example:

Core= full backup (cant make run, message says "ready,no writable idle devices are available"

Incrimental=The requested source duplicate backup sets catalog record could not be found. Perhaps the media containing the source backup sets was previously deleted.
Final error category: Job Errors

I understand that the incremental cant run because it can't find the full (original) backup.

My question(s) are, why can I not force a full backup to run to the deduplication disk when I can clearly see other devices backing up to the deduplication disk? Some of the things I have read mention canceling any schedules for a device, is that what needs to be done here? nuke the original schedule, and then rebuild after a new backup is run?

The configuration for the device I want to backup is built like the ones that are currently being backed up and there does not appear to be any connectivity issues between the device and the backup server as all test backups are successful.


I'm very new to Backup Exec and I am curious why my stare and compare does not seem to be working, and as there are current backup jobs running, I'm hesitant to end the service and restart (unless I absolutely have to)


I'll also add that backups were running fine on this device until 11/28 (the last time it was successful) and there was no apparent issues with the backup server or the device in question.


Thank you!


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You can click on the full backup job, and click on Run Now to run it immediately.



Not sure if this has anything to do with your question but there is an option within the device configuration which defines how many concurrent operation are allowed.
Meaning if you have this set to two, then job three will wait till one of the other two jobs have finished before it can actually run to that device.