Format LTO Tape Backup Exec 2012

Hello, I hope you can help me ..

I have installed on Server 2008R2 Backup Exec 2012 with a DELL PowerVault 124T LTO has a magazine 8 tapes 800GB c / u. Because backup plans I have configured, can not find some method to format tapes, ie, I have several full tapes and want to use them again, I want to format the tape to use them again.

The most you have to do is delete the data but as Backup Exec says, the data is not deleted, but only disappear and others and the space remains the same, ie, full, just back a the option of inventory and catalog the data again appear and stay in them.


The model is Ultrium LTO4 tapes DELL


Server model DELL PowerVault 124T tape


I hope someone can help me ..

Thank you!

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Inventory the tapes if you

Inventory the tapes if you have not done this already

Then move them to the scratch set


Backup Exec will overwrite them as needed without you needing to format them.


If you really want to format them then Erase them (which will automatically move them to scratch)


How about, but which

How about, but which together? For it is in use? I set some support group that allows to overwrite the data? How do I format the tape once? (in zero)