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Frustrated with policies - disk to disk to tape

Level 3
I am trying to create a policy with templates for backing up 3 servers to disk then to tape, but to different B2D folders.

Right now I use a policy to backup my 3 servers to disk. then duplicate that to tape. this takes 8 hours to do just to disk. And all servers must be to a single B2D folder and done one after the other.

I am trying to create a new policy. To shrink the backup window.

I have created 3 selection lists, one for each server.

I then created a policy (TEST TO DISK) with 3 templates, one for each server, to back up to differnent folders. Server1 backs up to folder server1, Server2 backs up to folder server2, ect.. All start at 9pm.

I then added a duplicate backup sets template. I select the 3 templates for the servers as the source, for device and media I choose my tape drive, and for perferred source I left it at All Devices. ***Is this correct?****

I then scheduled it for several hours later. I know this isnt optimal, but the rules for the templates didnt fit what I thought should happen.

Now when I create jobs using the policy, It creates 9 jobs.
Server1 - TEST TO DISK - Server1 device-server1 (folder)
Server1 - TEST TO DISK - Server2 device-server2 (folder)
Server1 - TEST TO DISK - Server3 device-server3 (folder)
Server2 - TEST TO DISK - Server1 device server1 (folder)

why is it creating all these jobs????

How do I create a policy to backup 3 servers to individual folders then duplicate those folders to tape so I can restore from tape?

Level 6
Is it important to you that 'server1' backups go only to 'folder1', 'server2' backups go only to 'folder2', etc...? If this is your criteria then you cannot do what you are trying to do with a policy. You will need 3 individual jobs, and 3 duplicate jobs tied to those jobs.

However, if you're flexible about which server goes to which folder, then you can create a device pool of the three B2D folders. Limit concurrent jobs to one for each B2D folder. Then in your policy you have two templates:
One template that points to the B2D device pool
One duplicate template.- performing Disk 2 Tape.

Level 3

Thank you for the reply.

I dont really care about what server goes to which folder. I just would like to backup all my servers to disk at once to cut down on the backup window. Then copy it to tape, where I will restore from. But I dont want to have to restore the tape first.

I have created a new device pool and chose backup to disk folders and selected the folders named for the servers.

I have created a new policy and used the selection lists created for each server. And the device is the device pool that I created with the folders.
I then created a duplicate template.

It has created 6 jobs. One to back up to disk for each server and a duplicate for each on of those.

I see that concurrent jobs is set to 1. I will let this run tonight and see what happens.

thank you.

Level 3
The jobs failed last night. They backed up to disk fine, but I had an error "Final error: 0xe0009444 - The requested source duplicate backup sets catalog record could not be found. Perhaps the media containing the source backup sets was previously deleted." when the duplicate jobs ran.