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Full Mac Backup doesn't include all files

I'm running Backup Exec 2010 R2 and the Mac client is an old 10.4. The selection includes all files and the user used is ROOT. The File System has 598,601 files. The Backup ends successfully with 3 files excluded (2 are corrupted and 1 is locked). The Backup reports 597,563 files. There are about 1000 files missing. Why?

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...have you checked the job

...have you checked the job log to see if they weren't possibly excluded?


Do you know how files with

Do you know how files with symbolic links are counted in your file system count?  Are they counted as 1 file or many files?  By default, BE does not follow and backup files represented by symbolic links.


I've checked the job log and

I've checked the job log and there are no exclusions exept 2 corrupted files (already known they are corrupted). I've also checked the "Selection List" used to perform the backup. The "View Selection Details" has 4 rows:

a. root/*:* /sudbir, which means everything in included,

b.+c. 2 corrupted files,

d. 1 locked file.

Since I included everything, I expect everything should be backed up (exept the 3 files).


@pkh: no. I don't know. I

@pkh: no. I don't know. I used the Information button inside Disk Utility to get the number of files. That doesn't report which kind of file they are. I should find a better way. Suggestions are welcome.