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I had to recrete my full and incremental backup jobs, but have run into an issue, or I have a question. 

When my incremental backup runs it seems to be backing up all the data again. I have ran the full backup once, and added the incremental backup within the edit > Backup Jobs area. It is my understanding an incremental backup will only backup the data changed from the night before? So, why is it backing up all the data again and how can I set it where my full backup actaully does a full and my incremental actually does an incremental backup instead of backing up everything again? My full backups are about 6 TB and my incremental is now going on 2+ TB. Previously, before the jobs were re-created the full would be about 5.9 TB and incrementals would be about 275-400 GB. I have attached screen shots of my job listing


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Re: Full and Incremental Backup

It could be that you added the incremental backup after you have taken the full backup, so it is doing a full backup first.  Let this incremental backup finish and check the next incremental whether it is doing a full or incremental backup.  If it is the latter, I would suggest that you re-create the job, but this time define both the full and incremental backups at the same time.


Re: Full and Incremental Backup

Ty pkh for the reply. I will do what you mentioned. 

Re: Full and Incremental Backup

What kind of hardware are you backing up from?

I've seen a similar problem caused by hardware incompatibility. Says it's doing an inc/diff but really it's running a full job.

In our case this was backing up from a NAS which had no remote agent so BE couldn't see the archive bit/modified time/etc on the files. No warning of this in the documentation though.