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GRT Backup do not work - VMWARE

Helly everybody,

We back up about 30 VM´s with the Vmware Agent. We transfare the VM´s over the SUN directly to the TapeLibrary once a week. Every other day we make VMware VStorage Incremental Backups.

We have also the GRT function activated. I got this error at ALL VM´s:



  • We use Backup Exec 2012 (all patches)
  • Windows Server 2008 R3 (all patches)
  • ESXi 5 and VCenter 5 (all patches)
  • On every VM is the Backup Exec Agent installed
  • For the login, we use "backup" user with Domainrights


Thank you for your help.

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Hi, Is BE an upgrade from an


Is BE an upgrade from an earlier version?

V-79-57344-38727 - Fails only on Application GRT. Do you have the Application and DB licenses installed? If not, need to disable application level GRT

V-79-57344-38744 - Trust relationship not established between remote agent and BE server. Reinstall the remote agent by pushing it from the Media server

If you have remote agent installed on the VM, make sure that BE vss is present and Vmware snapshot is not present.

The account may have Domain admin rights. But still if you are backing up through Vcenter, it has to be added with certain priveleges in Vsphere at the Vcenter level. I would suggest to add the account with Administrator role in Vsphere:




Hi John, This is a new

Hi John,

This is a new Installation of Backup Exec 2012. NO upgrade.


The account has privileges at the VCenter Level:


The trust relationship is also established. What do you mean with BE vss is present and Vmware snapshot is not Present? I have VMware Tools installed and the BE Agent installed.


Thank you


Vmware tools installs Vmware

  • Vmware tools installs Vmware snapshot along with it
  • When you install the Remote agent for windows, Vmware snapshot will be uninstalled automatically as using multiple Vss provider will create a conflict
  • In some cases, the Vmware snapshot will not be removed and has to be uninstalled automatically
  • You can check that in the Service.msc where you will see BE VSS & Vmware snapshot (Be vss can't be started manually - Don't try to start it)




...what happens if you change

...what happens if you change the BE service to use your normal domain admin account (use BEutility.exe for this) and then run the backup again? If it succeeds, then consider making a copy of the account in AD, change the name to something like svc_backup, and then change the BESA to use this (again with BEutility.exe).



Hy, the BackupUser is a copy

Hy, the BackupUser is a copy auf the Domain Admin Account. What I could do is, that I start the serverices of Backup Exec with Domain Admin Rights.

I mean under services.msc.


Thank you for the information. I will take a look at this vm´s. Can I uninstall the VMware VSS Provider without reboot?


Thank you

No. It requires a reboot. -

No. It requires a reboot.

- You need to choose custom install during the installation of Vmware tools

- Deselect Vmware snapshot

- Install the vmware tools


Hy John,   Thank you for the

Hy John,


Thank you for the Answer. But we want to use the VMwrae Snapshot Provider. Is this possible?



Does anyone have an idea, wy we could not make an GRT Backup? The Permissions should be OK.



Thank you for your help


Yes. You can use VMware

Yes. You can use VMware snapshot. But in order to get Application level GRT (Exch, SQL & Active directory) you need to have remote agent for windows installed. If you install remote agent on a VM, that will include BE vss and you have to disabled VMware vss.

If you just want to get File level grt, you can uninstall Remote agent and use only Vmware snapshot. However, in case if you need to restore an individual file on a VM directly, that again requires remote agent to be installed on that VM. Backup works with File level GRT without Remote agent.


Does anyone have an idea, wy

Does anyone have an idea, wy we could not make an GRT Backup? The Permissions should be OK


A answer would be very nice.


...if you have support in

...if you have support in place, it might be worth your while to contact them and open a support case. If they assist you in fixing the error, post back here.

I have also hit the support flag on this.


As explained in my Previous

As explained in my Previous comment, for Application Level GRT, you need Remote agent for windows. Without Remote agent, File level GRT should work if everything is configured correctly. You have just mentioned that "You are unable to make a grt backup" and hasn't given any errors or exceptions in the job log. Kindly get a case opened with us if you are unable to follow the suggestions or make any progress on this.