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GRT exception with Incremental VM backups

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First time posting here :)

Our client is experiencing issues with their Veritas Backup Exec jobs. The jobs are configured to back up Windows OS virtual machines with GRT enabled performing a Full backup on Fridays, and Incremental backups every other weekday. When attempting a restore from one of the Incremental backups, the backup sets were not present within the restore selection list. Upon further investigation, the Incremental jobs had been completing successfully but with the exception:

V-79-40960-38531 - During Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) operations, the necessary boot configuration files could not be loaded. Backups that were enabled for GRT may not be available for restore.

I am unable to find any Veritas KB articles that address the above issue for WIndows Hyper-V environments. 

I've performed a backup of the Incremental job with debugging enabled and found the issue but I do not know how to troubleshoot this, I presume the issue is related to the below:

[21452] 2021-04-12T15:30:43.770 [fsys\ohfs] - OFF_HOST_FS::GetDLEDetailsFromMDSrc() Status E_FS_OFF_HOST_DATA_CREATE_ERROR (E0000301) Opening the metadata source

[21452] 2021-04-12T15:30:43.770 [fsys\ohfs] - OFF_HOST_FS::CreateTempDLE( ) Status E_FS_OFF_HOST_DATA_CREATE_ERROR (E0000301) creating Dle when creating temp Dle for device \\PS-HOST

[21452] 2021-04-12T15:30:43.770 [fsys\vmvcb] - VM_VCBPROXY_FS::CreateTempDLE( ) Status DRIVE_DESCRIPTOR_ERROR (E000FE23) creating Dle when creating temp Dle for device \\PS-HOST

Can you please assist with this issue? I have attached the debug logs.

Kind regards,

Craig Moffat