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GRT restore of AVVI backup completes successfully, but no data is actually restored

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Hi experts!


I am currently having this problem with a deployment:


BE2010R3, vSphere 4.1u1, AVVI and SAN transport - backed up to a deduplication storage folder, duplicated to tape.


Backups are running fine using SAN transport, RAWS is installed on all VMs and GRT data is successfully gathered. Restore of a complete VM or a redirected VM is working fine, however I cannot restore individual items. The restore completes successfully with 0 bytes and 0 files restored, when restoring from tape it takes a long time as the GRT image is restored to disk, then nothing happens and the restore completes "successfully".

Any idea what might be wrong? I will post more information on the environment if needed.


Exact message from the job is:

"Restored 0 files in 1 directory"

"Processed 0 bytes in 1 second"




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Is BE fully patched, and have these patches been push-installed to your remote servers?



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Did you try to restore which does still exist in the target directory? By default already existing elements do not get overwritten by the restore.

You could also try to perform a redirected restore to e.g. the local drive on the BE server to see if that works  and if the file actually contains the correct data.

To minimize the time necessary for differend tests it is also possible to duplicate the backup on tape back to the deduplication folder or a B2D folder as than you will not have to wait for the backup to stage back to disk each restore attempt

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Yes, server and clients are fully patched (SP1 + hotfixes).


Simon B: I tried deleting some files in c:\temp and c:\windows\temp, locating them in the restore selection list and restoring them but to no avail. I did also try the redirected restore but it did not help. Any idea where to look? Logs / debug messages?