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GRT restore of Exchange fails with error either E00009B86 or E0009B86

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Following config:

Windows2008R2 Server with BE2010SSP3 and Exchange on same server

Backup works fine. Restore of Files work fine

Depending on restore - resource credentials the restore of a singe mail folder fails with error

Final error: 0xe0009b86 - Backup Exec cannot connect to the remote agent because a trust relationship was not established between the remote agent and the media server.  To establish a trust relationship, add the remote agent to the Favorite Resources in the backup selections tree.


Final error: 0xe0000382 - Backup Exec attempted to restore an Exchange database according to the job settings. The Exchange server was not found.

Can easily browse through selection tree

RAWS running as LocalSystem, other BE-Services as domainaccount with mailbox not hidden from address list configured as logon account

all accounts added to SymantecEWSImpersinationRole

Any Ideas?