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GRT version 12 -- What's new?

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Hi Every one,
I had been using backup exec 10d and I was able to restore single mail box or email from mail box without any problem. I am using exchange 2003.
I did not have GRT enabled in backup exec 10 and recovery was faster . So why I should use GRT? I had been trying to restore data using GRT in my test lab. The recovery of mail box via GRT enabled exchange back up was very slow as compared to normal recovery process.
I have been reading in blogs about GRT but I did not find any thing useful in it.
Is any one here can shed light on advantage of enabling GRT.
I have not tested recovery of AD objects using backup exec. I have impression that using backup exec restore I do not need to run ntdsutil to mark object as authorative. Am I right?
Any body here using these feature can explain me when or when not to use GRT and recovery of AD objects via backup exec 12

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GRT backup is a single pass backup that gives you information store and mailbox restore support.

If you don't use GRT then for DR support you should do an information store backup and for mailbox restore support you should do a brick level backup - which can more than double the backup time. (Or you could just do an information store backup and rely on a recovery storage group for restore but this complicates the process a lot)

That said GRT to tape does have to stage the restore so will take a while - if using GRT for speed of restore then it is recommended that disk based backups are used (with duplication to tape if offsite storage is required)

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If you are doing D2D2T GRT is pretty speedy if you are restoring something you still have on disk.  Restores off of tape are kind of odd and it is better to just duplicate the date from tape to disk and try to run the restore from there.