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General backup issues

Level 3



Veritas Backup Exec SBE V10.0 Rev 5220 with Hotfix 13 + SP3


Iv been having real issues with this and to be honest I'm not sure when it last worked properly. They have a DLT7000 tape drive (35/70).




Scheduled backups keep hanging on "loading media" although there IS a tape in there which also runs fine during the day when I try test runs (as in set the job off manually and then cancel)


Not entirely convinced compression is working. Users on site reporting that after 31Gb or so, they come in the next morning and after they change the tapes it then completes the backup job shortly after.


I think I need some education on this!


On the DLT7000, do I need to select "35Gb" and "Compression" on the actual tape drive via the button? I have Compression set to "Hardware if available" and Compression is enabled within the Tape properties in Devices tab.


Also, how comes I can put in a brand new tape, (jobs are set to append + overwrite) and set the job off manually, it runs (albeit at a ridiculously slow speed). If I do the same but leave it onto scheduled, more often than not (has worked the odd few nights...?) it hangs on "Please insert media" dialog.


WOuld appreciate any pointers.


Level 6

Try setting the media set OPP down by one day


that is if tapes are due to be reused every three weeks, make the OPP 20 days rather than 21, just in case the job finishes after midnight (the OPP is set when the job finishes)


As far as capacity.  make sure that DLT IV  (35/70) set from the drive itself

Level 3

They are on a 1 week (5 day) set for now (i.e 5 tapes).


What is OPP?

Level 6

OPP is Overwrite Protection Period.  set at the media set level. (Media Tab, right click the media set/properties)


if you resuse the tapes the same day every week,  I'd set the OPP to six days (in case the back finishes after mid-night)