Get-BEBackupDefinition Times Out, Aggravating

When I launch Get-BEBackupDefinition 19 times out of 20 it fails with a 'time out' error; this makes it difficult to modify Backup Jobs via PoSH. Can you help?

To this point, every script I have found via Google on how to modify a backup job first needs output from Get-BEBackupDefinition. Is there another PoSH method to modify backup jobs? Please, Please?

If not, any idea why Get-BEBackupDefinition times out on me. I have been playing with it for two months and it has returned job definition less than 10 times. Because we have 70 backup definitions, I cannot wait for it to work. I really prefer to script wholesale modifications instead of do them by hand. 

I have tried to run Get-BEBackupDefinition:

  • via BE Management Command Line Interface on the server (via RD Desktop);
  • in a remote PoSH session in PoSH ISE from my workstation desktop (loading BEMCLI first);
  • run it immediately after restarting the backup host server;
  • made sure not to have the Backup Exec management application open anywhere at all.

A 'timeout' error is usually either cannot connect, or the data set is too large to read within a preset period. Is part of the problem that our definition database is too big?

I appreciate any help you can give. Thanks much. - Ray

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