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Getting error "V-79-57344-33860" when restoring SQL database

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Hi There,


I did a fresh install of my backup exec software Ver 16, as i had some issues with my ongoing, post installations did few backups and restore of normal files and all looked fine untill i tried to do restore of SQL database backup. and started getting this error "" The job failed with the following error: An error occurred while scanning the catalogs""

Here is what i have tried so far.


* erased the tape took a fresh backup

* erased the tape, Ran inventory and catalog , did backup, tried restore same error.

I found some links rorebuid catalog directory but doesnt seem to find "CatRebuildIndex.exe"  under installation perhaps because it is for older versions. 

can anyone help me out with to rebuild the catalog directory. or with the reasons i am getting this errors ?.


Thank you in advance .any help will be appreciated.