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Grandfather-Father-Son without redundant backups

We're running Backup Exec 12. Currently we do daily incrementals, weekly fulls, and monthly fulls. These go to LTO tapes in our Dell TL2000 tape library. We want to start doing some quarterly full backups, and have been reviewing our configuration. It occurred to me, if we expand our current setup to do quarterly's the way we do things now, we will end up doing three backups in a row, each of the same data. We're doing two backups of the same data right now; once a month, when the weekly and monthly occur on the same day.

Is there any way we can configure things, so that we don't do so many backups of the same data? (i.e. the 4th weekly becomes considered a monthly. Maybe the 13th weekly becomes a quarterly? Maybe it's better if the third monthly becomes a quarterly? Expiring monthly's and quarterly's go back to the rotation they came from?)