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HP StorageWorks 1/8 G2 Tape Autoloader cannot configure on BE15

Level 1


I had a issue with my HP 1/8 Autoloader going offiline and i followed many troubleshooting steps on the Veritas forums which did'nt help. I can view the autoloader on HPL&TT but won;t come online on BE15. I did a LIVE UPDATE and no luck.

I deleted the HP 1/8 Autoloader from BE15 and trying to configure storage on again but it won't show an option to add tape drives. Just gives an option to "Run the hot swappable device wizard". The Autoloader is connected with HP 241 HBA and worked fine previously.


Level 6

The tape library should not need any configuration in Backup Exec to be seen.  If Windows Device Manager shows the library and tape drive, then Backup Exec should see it and put it in the Backup Exec UI the next time the Backup Exec services are started.

Just to make sure we are on the same page... the library going "offline" is a device state in Backup Exec.  Not being able to see the library in Backup Exec is completely different than being "offline"

Please make sure that the HP H241 HBA is in the right mode for tape support (that is more a question for HPE, not Veritas).

Can you post your adamm.log file here please?

1. Change the Host SCSI Port.
2. Change the SCSI cable.
3. Replace the SCSI terminal and cable position.
4. Check the connectors inside the autoloader controller.
5. Check the I / O status and power supply of the SN75LVDM976 (driver)