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HP Ultrium 5-SCSI tape drive goes off line

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Hi all, hope someone could help.

We have HP Ultrium 5-SCSI Z58W attached to a BE16 installed on a 2012R2 physical box. Once or twice a week tapes go

off line. Restarting BE services does not bring them back on-line, but restarting the 2012 R2 Server puts them back on-line.

I assume it's likely to be an issue with the driver on the 2012 R2 Server. Please see below an extract from the ADAMM log.

Thank you! 



Is this a SAS tape drive?

Regarding the tape driver, I would suggest NOT using the HPE driver and I would use the automatic Veritas & Microsoft drivers.  There is more details at the top of the HCL

What HBA are you using?  If it is a SAS capable HBA, please make sure it is one of the few RAID cards that are supported for tape.

Thanks Larry for the reply,

It is 1/8 G2 LTO-5 Ultrium 3000 Tape Autoloader, has both SAS and FC interfaces. The one that I have problems with has Smart Array H240ar on HPE PROLIANT 380 G9 server running Windows Server 2012 R2.

I also have a newer LTO-6 connected to a different server that has P840ar controller and it never goes off-line. The OS version is the same on both servers.



The Smart Array H240ar appears to be a RAID capable HBA and it is not on the Veritas approved list.  Please make sure that your HBA is configured properly for non-RAID operation with your autoloader.  You might need to consult HPE to see they support using this HBA with tape.  Using a RAID HBA on a tape device can cause some very weird issues.

Thanks again Larry! I'll look into that as well