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Hanging Backup-Job is filling up disk with trash

Level 3

a few days ago we set up a new backup.exec enviroment - our backup exec server has two external disks (each with a capacity of 80TB) i've configured all necessary backup jobs and monitored their funktionality the last days. I mentioned a high storage consumtion the last days and started further investigations.

i found out, that all the waste data is stored in a single directory D:\BEData\img000324. Under this directory there are (at the moment) > 500.000 directories - each of them containing about 100MB. i looked in the file "Backup-Config.txt" and searched the corresponding backup-job - which is not running any more! I searched the backup history and found a failed job (Error-Code E000F18) with IMG000324 as mediainformation.

Every second new folders with the same 100MB of data are created - only a restart of the backup exec services stopps this process. After that (and some time) the trash-data has been cleanded up.

This problem occured three times in the last month - its very annoying for us. :(

Is this a known bug?
How could this happend?
Has anyone the same issue and still found a solution for this problem?



If not running anymore, did u try to remote this job?

Also, did u install latest patch to BE?


It sounds like the issue is related to the one job, especially when that job fails.
Therefore I would suggest to investigate why is that job failing and tackle the actual root cause, the failing job and not the symptom caused by the failure.
The error code you provided is missing a value, maybe attaching the complete failing job log might be beneficial.