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Having issue with Overwrite the Tape media after the retention policy expired.

Level 2

I am facing issue to overwrite the tape media after the retention policy expired, which is using after the retention policy, tape capacity is 1.5 TB and data capacity is approx. 1.2 TB, Daily full backup triggering. backup job asking for two tapes for each backup job. Please suggest if is there any option need to reconfigure 


Employee Accredited Certified
Make sure compression is enabled else investigate any tape drive/tape issues.
Also ensure the media sets are set as per this technote and according to your retention requirement

Also check if job is set to append and using same media set if you want the next back to continue on the same media where earlier backup went.

 Append period has set 6 days and overwrites period has set 4 weeks as retention. Compression is not enabled