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Help needed--Data error (cyclic redundancy check)

Level 3
I get alot of !4 on my tape drives.
SCSI drivers are up to date.
Library firware and drives are current
SCSI is Library at id2 drives at 3-4-5-6.

I have looked at articles (and more)

here is what I get on my 2003 server running 9.1

Adamm Mover Error: Write Failure!
Drive = "DELL 4"
Media = "000187L2"
Read Mode: SingleBlock(0), ScsiPass(0)
Write Mode: SingleBlock(1), ScsiPass(1)

Storage device "DELL 4" reported an error on a request to write data to media.

Error reported:
Data error (cyclic redundancy check).


Backup Exec Alert: Tape Alert Warning
(Server: "ServerName") (Job: "ServerJob Inc") Job 'ServerJob Inc' has reported Multiple Tape Alerts on Server 'ServerName'. Please refer to job log BEX01520.xml for more details.

For more information, click the following link:

Backup Exec Alert: Job Failed
(Server: "ServerName") (Job: "ServerJob Inc") ServerJob Inc -- The job failed with the following error: Data error (cyclic redundancy check).

For more information, click the following link:

Level 6
You may find the following document useful:

To isolate device related issue, perform a test backup using NTbackup and then compare the results.

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