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Help with Backup Exec 2012 error: Failed to log on to Microsoft Windows

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Trying to recover some data for my employer that went out of business some time ago  but for legal reasons we need to retrieve some data. The servers aren't connected as they were when in operation. I have access to the backup server and some storage where the backups are saved. But when I try any restore job, I get the failed to log on to MS Windows error. I have local admin credentials but I'm at a loss here. I'd appreciate any help with this matter. Can't call for support as this product is at end of life and our service contract expired.

Please adavise.

Thank you.



Can you post the error message and log?

I'm attaching some screenshots of the error messages. I'm not sure if there are any windows services that's preventing me from authentication? I can start all backup exec services with the local admin account. I can't seem to browse to a location where I want to recover some files. When I try to click browse, it brings up his error message. I just can't seem to use any user account to authenticate.

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So BE uses a domain account with domain admin rights at a bare minimum. Local admin accounts do work, but are discouraged.

Are you sure that in this case you used a local admin for the BESA? If not, I'd try using an account with domain admin rights, and then use BEUtility.exe to change the BESA to use this account. If the services aren't starting up, this might do the trick an allow you to get to the backups.

Hi CraigV,

So I can't seem to get the domain account to work. The domain controller is up but my old credentials isn't working there. Let's say we take the DC out of the equation, I have a Disaster situation and I can start BE services with the local account fine, backups are on tape and a disk storage. both are connected to the physical server. I just need to get some files that I can see was backed up but the restore job keeps failing even when I'm trying to choose a different location to restore the files. it's the same error message that the credentials are failing. I tried several different accounts that were listed in the application!

I'm at a loss here! Veritas won't support it until I get this contract activated, upgrade to the new version of the application, etc!


The only vaguely similar thing I can see in our knowledge base was resolved after the customer got the storage back online, so not much help.
Searches for '10011001-1001-1001-0101-010101010101' bring up various SQL related cases - generally all permissions related problems as alluded to already by CraigV.

I take it you can see the storage in the BE Gui OK?
Are you able to run a catalog/inventory  of either the tape or disk storage?

Also you mention the restore job fails, yet presumably you get the browse failure before submitting the restore job?
Is that server mentioned in the screenshot (sevusmoepdm1.sevusmo.local) the backup exec server?
Also its worth noting not all BE services should be running under the admin account:
 - SQL Server (BKUPEXEC) , Error recording Service and Remote Agent for Windows all run under "local system"

Just a thought (as out of other ideas I'm afraid) could you try downloading a trial version of the latest version of BE (eg v21.2) on another server, connect up the storage and see if that gets you any further. 


I'm not sure if I understand this software fully. I haven't used it much and I'm just going through the wizard and click through a restore job. How can I browse what backup data this tape drive contains? all services are up and running under the local admin account. let me check the sql server. I didn't look into that at all.

Thank you.

So upon reading this job log, seems like this Backup Server us trying to connect to the host epdm1 that I'm trying to restore files for.
That server isn't up or available. I'm trying to recover files from a backup! Why does that host has to be alive for this restore job to work!?

Can anyone please share some documentation on how to browse what I have on a backup tape and how to restore that data into a different location from the actual host. More of a disaster recovery. 

What good is this backup software when I can't retrieve what I backed up in an emergency situation like this?


Assuming the data wasn't encrypted, simply download and install the latest version of BE and setup the tape drive and drivers.  Then inventory and catalog the tape.  You should be able to restore something at that point.

Windows native backup can do the same and might even be able to recover encrypted data if you properly saved the key.

I've even seen ancient backups from Arcserve and BackupExec10 readable by foreign systems.  

Basically, if it's not encrypted, you can probably read it with any backup software.

Thanks. I'm not sure if it's encrypted. I have backup exec running. I saw a video on disaster recovery disk. Can anyone help download the iso image to create a recovery disk? I couldn't find a download on my veritas account.