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Help with backup rotation

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I've been put in charge of a new install of BE12.  We have a single media server with both backup to tape and a local DLT drive.  We've figured out that we have enough space on the b2d for a full back up and two weeks of incrementals, plus another full.  What I'd like to do is setup a rotation with a full, 13-days of incrementals, and then another full.  When the 2nd full is complete, I'd like to archive the previous full off to DLT and free up the space for the next 2 weeks.  Can someone point me in the right direction on how this is done?

Level 4
So that I understand correctly, you want to do incremental daily backups everyday for 13 days and on the 14th day do a full backup? If so schedule 2 jobs both with matching selection lists. I would name the incremental job something like "modified" and the full "master" or "complete" this will help reduce future confusion. 
Configuring the "modified" backup
*In the job properties under:
                Device and Media > Set to: Append to media
                General > Set Backup Method to: Working Set: Changed Today
                Schedule> Run Job according to schedule >Edit Schedule Details > Set the Recurring Week Days and Time
Do the same for the full backup just set the schedule to the 14th day and under the general tab set the backup method to Full-Copy the files
I hope I've helped.

Message Edited by Sheena K. on 04-17-2008 01:58 PM

Level 6
To expand on Sheena's answer a little
for the Daily media set, make OPP =  1 day and APP = 13 days
For the Weekly make the OPP 13 days and APP = 0 days (never)