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We are preparing to implement backup for a client with 6 VM servers and a dedicated Backup exec server. Later on we want to duplicate this on a separate location but with 22 VMs and a dedicated backup server. if all goes well.

The backup will be done to a Synology Nas (Rockstation RS2414+). No duplicate to tape.

We want to use for start trial version of Backup exec 15 as not sure if the Synology can suppot it yet. In the books shows compatibility with BE 12, but never know. We had problems in the past with backup to NAS.


My question comes to what exactly to buy,  which version of BE 15. Did think of BE15 V-Ray edition with 7 agents for windows.

If any help would be great, dont want to go thru sales and have problems. 



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Why do you need 7 Windows

Why do you need 7 Windows agents - do you have 7x Physical Windows servers to backup as well as the VMs?


if you just have 1x BE server - pluse 6 ESXi Hosts then you just need V-ray to cover the number of CPUs across the ESXi hosts (and possibly one Agent for Windows license so you can backup the Backup Exec server if you need to.)


Your other option is to look at Capacity licensing as then it does not matter what is physical and what is virtual.




basically you probaby should talk to sales or a reseller to understand what you really need.



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Thats why did ask. wanted to have a rough idea of whats needed. 

Does the trial cover all those? Thanx


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The trial license enables almost everthing (CASO I think maybe not but then you aren't intending to use that)


Unfortunately trialling proves that BE can backup your environment but won't help you get your licenses correct as there is no way to make the trial operate only within the boundaries of a given edition as it enables whatever abilities you try to use and is not edition specific


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Thanx for help, will do trial and discuss with the sales team.

My concern is that Synology, hopefully they can make it show as a disk on the backup server.