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How BackupExec16 Central Admin Server helps in DR?

How BackupExec16 Central Admin Server helps in DR?


Central Admin Server (CAS) is an option within Backup Exec which allows you to manage multiple Managed Backup Exec Server (MBES) from one user interface. Also positioning of the CASO is a very vital decision which an organization has to take when it comes to managing the b/ups across multiple media servers and moving the data to DR site.

                                                          If one has a remote site and DR site we can position CASO in the DR location and create a deduplication folder on the MBES in remote location which can be shared with CASO in the DR site which allows only changed blocks to be transferred between the two sites across the WAN and after the b/up sets has reached the DR location they can be further duplicated to a disk drive or a Tape Library. Another important thing to consider are the catalogs locations which can be chosen from centralized, distributed, replicated which can differ from case to case.


Backup Exec16 - Central Admin Server(CAS)