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How To Server Mirroring ??

Level 3

Hello all,

I'm currently doing some research on Symantec Backup Exec 2010

May I know is it possible to do server mirroring ? ( Sorry if my term is wrong )

Or any other method ?


What I mean is if the primary server ( Backup Exec Media Server ) has down

There is a secondary server which can replace it immediately

The data are synchronize


Hope anyone can answer me, thanks appreciated !!


Level 6

You could cluster your BackupExec server.  (Most expensive option)

You could just make sure to have an up to date copy of your BE database and catalog.  Then you just reinstall BackupExec and restore the Db and catalog.  (Least expensive option)


The shorter your recovery time (e.g. RTO), the more expensive the solution.

Employee Accredited Certified

You could do server load balancing with a CASO setup and two managed media servers

Then jobs could be sent from the CAS server to the other media server if the first media server fails, or if the CAS fails you could plan to switch the media servers to stand alone whilst you fix the CAS.



Level 6

Colin, can you verify your "load balancing," claim?  I've always been told it's round robin, and no actual calculation takes place to determine load (e.g. CPU/RAM/in-use policies/etc) like NBU does with load balanced media servers and Enterprise Disk features.  


But that is certainly a great option...  If CASO is made highly redundant too ;)