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'How To' videos for Veritas Backup Exec (Updated 8 Jun 2018)

*NEW*  How to Upgrade OpenDedupe from an older version to, for use with Backup Exec 20.1:

How to Download and Install Backup Exec in Trialware, including a walkthrough of the console, defining the first Storage device and creating your first Backup and Restore jobs :

How to deploy a Backup Exec 16 virtual server from Azure Marketplace :

Adding Cloud Storage to a Backup Exec 16 virtual server deployed in Azure :

How to install and configure OpenDedupe with Backup Exec 16 :

Installing OpenDedupe to Azure and configure Optimized Duplication with Backup Exec 16 :


Please stay tuned as more videos will be added to this list in the coming months.

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Re: 'How To' videos for Veritas Backup Exec (Updated 8 Jun 2018) - useless cloud video

The Cloud videos are more or less useless.

I followed the one for How to configure Backup Exec to use Microsoft Azure cloud storage .

It´s missing the importend bits, it´s not telling us what storage account (V2, V1, Blob or Classic) is needed.
I can`t find any information from Veritas what storage account is recquired!

AND it´s for the old Backup Exec Release 16.0

Could you provide a new video for creating the correct storage account and how you create the logon account?


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