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How can I Restore when have an error when running Catalog

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I am trying to restore a tape that was backed up from a Netware server onto a MS SBS server running 7.3 SBS. I was able to inventory the tape, then catalog it, but it shows failed in the Monitor tab. When I look at the log it shows several backup sets that it found on the tape, but the second one on the tape shows Unexpected End of Backup Set Found. The other sets following that don't show errors, but at the end it shows Job Completion Status- failed. When I go to setup a restore job it does not show any catalogs.

Is there a way to restore from this tape and ignore the catalog error? My netware server is dead, but would it work better to restore to another netware server.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as there is important accounting data on this tape that is not anywhere else except on my failed server drive!!!

Thanks, Rich