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How do I MANUALLY Uninstall Symantec Backup Exec Remote Agent 12?

Running BE 12.0 Rev 1364 on Win 2003 server (64bit)

After searching online- all links to removal are from Veritas' dead support site, I very much need to uninstall.

the agent manually- or with a symantec removal tool?


Can anyone help with details?


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Go to Add/Remove programs in

Go to Add/Remove programs in control panel and uninstall it

Sorry- updated title with

Sorry- updated title with "manually"- when I attempt that I get this:


OK things get tricky,

OK things get tricky, normally programs that are installed on windows leave references in MSI that provide the ability to remove. The error message seems to be indicating that something or someone has corrupted those entries (or deleted the files required by the installer to uninstall)

You may need to see if you can find a Microsoft Installer Cleanup tool to see if it can help (and possibly have to also manually clean up the registry and the file system.) BTW be careful to understand the effects of using Cleanup Tools, registry edits or file syste deletes as they can have adverse effects. If you are unsure on cleanup up MSI than suggest you contact Microsoft for advice as you may adversely affect MSI if used inappropriately.

Normally fixing this type of problem would need an official suport case, however 12.0 is no longer under official support meaning this option is no longer available

It might therefore be easier to just competely disable the Backup Exec remote agent service and leave it installed (unless you are trying to install a newer version of our agent and you can't because of the problem with the old version. Note if you are trying to install Backup Exec components that are part of a currently supported version, then you can log a formal support case for assistance against not being able to install that version (assuming you have a support agreement)



I am trying to install a

I am trying to install a newer agent- must get rid of old one.

But if I lay down the $1,800 for a new license, will Symantec support help my uninstall the old agent then?