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How do I delete the original backup job once the duplicate job completes?

Level 2
I am performing a backup-to-disk, followed by a 'duplicate job' to tape. How do I delete the original backup job (on disk) automatically once the duplicate job (to tape) completes?

Level 6
You need to delete the backup sets(on disk) manually, presently there is no feature to automatically delete the backup sets that are on backup-to-disk folder.

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Level 6
As per our previous reply, marking the case as "assumed answered" and moving it to "answered questions" pool.

Level 4
There's no way to do this automatically, but my work around for this was to create a 'Temporary' media pool with only a 24hour overwrite protection period.

Any jobs that I only want a tape copy of I target to this pool. The only thing to watch out for is that if a tape copy fails, you've only got a few hours to re-try before the data is overwritten.