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How do I get BE 2012 to consistently preempt one job for another?

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I have a backup structured to do the following:

Backup a given resource daily, Mon-Sat <- priority set Medium for all

Backup the same resource weekly, 1st to 5th Sun <- priority set Medium for all except "last Sunday", set Low

Backup the same resource monthly (last day of month) <- priority set Highest

From what I had been told, the highest priority should win.  Unfortunately, this is not what is happening.  The highest priority does run first, but then BE 2012 runs the lower priority job.  I want it to select the highest priority, preempting all other jobs ordinarily scheduled at that time.  This is important since the last day of the month can fall on any given day.  It is also important for the fifth Sunday since the software authors never considered to add the fifth occurrence of a given weekday even though at least one of these occurs every month except February.

Is there a way to discretely tell this thing to preempt lower priority jobs for higher?  Any help greatly appreciated.



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Do you have this job setup as a separate backup job for each schedule? From my experience with Backup Exec 2012 it will not preempt separate jobs, but merely change the scheduling order based on priority. 

I get around this by having 1 backup job with multiple schedules. To my knowledge it will then intelligently prioritize which stage gets backed up based by perceived importance (my monthly schedule preempts my weekly scheduled job, etc.). Having one job with all these schedules built in also helps simplify management quite a bit. 

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Setting the priority will not affect which job gets superceeded.  In BE 2012, it is the frequency of the jobs that determines which job gets superceeded.  If two jobs are set to run at the same time, then the job with the lower frequency will run and the job with the higher frequency will not.  For example, if you have a monthly job and a daily job which are set to run at 9 p.m. on the 1st of the month, the monthly job will run and the daily job will not run.  The caveat is that both must be set to run at EXACTLY the same time.