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How do I move the SQL database for Backup Exec to another drive?

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I've been searching the forums for how to do this and did not come up with much. My drive that hosts the Backup Exec SQL database is filling up my OS drive and I want to move it off of that drive onto a dedicated array for Backup Exec. How do I accomplish this? Can someone point me in the correct kb (if one exists) or provide me with steps?

Current setup:

  • OS: Server 2008 R2
  • Backup Exec 2012
  • SQL Express 2005 (installed by Backup Exec)



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Is it the database or the Catalogs filling up the drive?

If its later then you can move the catalogs folder to an alternate location, refer to the below article.

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Level 4

Thanks, I've seen both and have already moved my catalogs. I've read the second link as well, but it doesn't tell me how to physically move the .mdf files to another location. Looking at the SQL Express installs, I believe I'm missing the management portion of SQL Express. Looks like I'll have to install these portions to get access to moving and changing the db files (SQL noob here).

I also found this forum post and it looks like it could apply. I will aprise after I get the management portion installed

Although in the above link, the redirection to the KB is missing, looks like the gist of how to do it is there though.