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How do you achieve the backup device claimed speed rate?

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 I just got an ADIC Faststor 2, 8 tape autoloader.  The data sheet claims 900MB/Min but in my test runs I'm finding I can only get ~100MB/Min backing up files on the local computer.

The PC doing the backup is a "White Box" computer;
Windows 2000 SP4
Dual PII 400
1GB memory

The test computer is off the network and not running any applications.  Just wondering if the claimed transfer speeds of the device manufacturer can be obtainable.
Any idea please


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I think it would be difficult to achieve the claimed transfer speed.  Normally, these speeds are done under idealised test conditions.  To achieve these speeds, the machine would need to pump out the data as fast as it can, but can it?  it may not have a processor fast enough or the files are badly fragmented, thus taking a a long time to read.  Other factors would also come into play to slow down the transfer rate to less than ideal.

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considering you only have it on a PII 400, you will never get anything close to the 900MB/min claimed.

What goes to making the tape drive fast..

1st, I would say the 900Mb/min is the compressed rate a 2:1, for starters, unless you are backing up alot of text files, excel, word, ie. highly compressible files, you will never ever get to 900Mb/min.
2nd, a fast processor, one is enough.
3rd, fast disk drives, at least 10k RPM, 15k RPM are better.

Thats only for starters - I think the rating done is actually the top speed of the drive, but not with any backup software.

Hope this helps



Level 6
A while ago I used to have several PII /400 dedicated backup servers, each with 2 DLT4000s.  I could run concurrent network jobs each achieving in the 150-200 MB/min range

Sounds like you are backing up local drives?  How fragmented is the file system

Also from the devices tab. right click the device/properties

What is the block size, buffer size and number of buffers?  Also both  Single Block settings