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How import jobs?

I understand that the job log info is located in job logs as BEX*.XML files in the data folder.

I have rebuilt a dozen jobs on our B.Exec Media Server 2010. (we just did a reload of the Media Server). I don't want to rebuild the jobs again unneccessarily. And I don't see how 'copying' to the same media server has any benefit in an effort to export job data in preparation for importing later.


How do I export/copy the jobs in prepartion for importing in the event of a server rebuild?

Thank you.

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Re: How import jobs? way to do this other than copying the entire BEDB. Add this in as an Idea.



Re: How import jobs?


To make sure I understand....

1. If I reload the server, I need to manually rebuild all my jobs. (at my last job location, this would have been well over 100 since we had several SQL Servers running hourly transactin log backups 16 hrs a day in addition to other jobs) ?

2. If I upgrade to newer version of BExec, the jobs will automatically be 'ported into' the new media server?