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How long can you still verify a Backup after it's original finish?

Level 0

Hello Guys,

I've got Problems with the length of Verifies colliding with new Backups on the next Day. I don't want to cancel them, I just want to know how long the so called "Availability Window" accutally exists.

I hope you Guys understand my Problem.

Some advice would be lovely.


Level 6

A verify job can be run at any time that the data still exists on the tape.  A Verify job just reads the data, then computes a new checksum for the data just read and compares this new cheksum to the old checksum that was originally written to the tape with the data.  This assures that the tape is readable. 

A Verify job does NOT compare the current contents of the tape to the original source (disk) material. So if you were concerned that a verify job would fail as soon as something changed on the source disk, you do not need to worry about that.