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How long is job history kept

How long is job history or how many job are retained in the job monitor?

Can that be changed?


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Yes.  These settings can be

Yes.  These settings can be changed.  Go to Tools ---> Options -----> Database Maintenance and you would be able to see the settings and change them.


Thanks, found it. Our job

Thanks, found it.

Our job list is quite huge.  Can the job list be archived or exported?

Highlighted can copy the catalogs can copy the catalogs elsewhere before deleting them manually. This just means that if you want to restore data from a tape with a deleted catalog, that you either need to copy it back to the Catalogs folder, or recatalog the tape.

Making that change suggested though only affects catalogs going is not a retrospective change (ie. doesn't delete old existing catalog files).



Here is a document on

Here is a document on changing the location of catalogs



Beware that joblogs and

Beware that joblogs and catalogs are two different things.  Joblogs contains information regarding how the job was run, status, error messages, etc.  Catalogs contains information about the backup set, what resources are backed up, etc.

The joblogs cannot be archived or exported.  However, you can change the path where the joblogs are stored.  See this document


Re: Yes.  These settings can be

First question: Where is Tools?

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